Master Plan Revision

The planning commission is beginning work on a revision of the City of Houghton Master Plan.

1,922 Quality of Life surveys were sent to residents in early September.  A total of 627 were returned for a response rate of 33 percent.  The results were compiled and presented to the commission by our intern, Stephanie Franco, at a special meeting to be held on February 21, 2023.

2022 Quality of Life Survey

Open House Events were held in the City Center Council Chambers and were facilitated by Pat Coleman of North of 45.  They were held on  Tuesday, October 11, 2022, and Tuesday, November 1, 2022.  A total of 66 residents and business owners attended the events.  They talked one-on-one with commission members telling them what they would like Houghton to be in the future.

Remaining Timeline for Master Plan Revision:

March, 2023                                                       Committees work on their draft chapters

April, 2023                                                           Committees work on their draft chapters

May, 2023                                                            Committees submit chapters to PC

June, 2023                                                           Planning Commission reviews chapters at monthly meeting

July, 2023                                                             Planning Commission reviews chapters at monthly meeting

August, 2023                                                      Draft chapters approved by Planning Commission and sent to council for review.  Council can decide if they want the ability to adopt the Master Plan or if the PC can adopt the plan.

September, 2023                                              If draft approved by the council, draft chapters are submitted for review and comment to local agencies and governments, and the public to begin the 42-day review needed prior to public hearing.

October, 2023

November, 2023                                               PC holds public hearing (15-day notice requirement) and approves master plan.

December, 2023                                               If the council requested final approval of the plan, the City Council adopts Master Plan including the Recreation Plan that is due to the DNR by the end of the year.  The Recreation Plan has a deadline.



On Tuesday, March 2, 2021, the planning commission formed the Master Plan Committee to work on the revision of Chapter 10 Downtown and Chapter 13 Zoning and Future Land Use.   The committee met five times throughout 2021 and prepared a final report of their work.  Attached below.

2021 Master Plan Summary Report


Minutes of Committee Meetings:

Minutes of September 20, 2021 Meeting

Minute of Meeting of 8-23-21

Minutes of 7-19-21 meeting

Minutes of 3-9-2021 meeting

Minutes of 5-3-2021 meeting

Charrette Ready Workshop proposal as presented to the commission on 3/23/2021

Houghton Charrette Ready Workshop PPT 3-23-21

aerial view of the city of Houghton and lift bridge