Pier Placemaking Project

MJO Contracting of Hancock was the low bidder for the project.  Work has begun with an anticipated ending date Summer 2022.


The City of Houghton is again working with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) for grant funding for the long-awaited Pier Placemaking Project to be constructed on the waterfront between the Portage Lake District Library and the Michigan Tech Lakeshore Center. The Pier will create a year-round gathering space along the waterfront in the middle of downtown Houghton.  At the meeting on January 13, 2021, the Houghton City Council reaffirmed the match money for the project to allow it to more forward.


RESOLUTION 2021-1769


The following resolution was presented by Councilor Megowen:

WHEREAS:                The City of Houghton applied for a grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)             to construct a pier and perform parking, utility, park, and street enhancements in the area between the

Portage Lake District Library and Michigan Tech Lakeshore Center; and;

WHEREAS:                The total project cost is $3,732,000, and;

WHEREAS:                MEDC is offering a grant in the amount of $2,780,400, and;

WHEREAS:                The required match from the city is $951,600.

NOW, THEREFORE, The Houghton City Council commits the match for the Pier Placemaking Project in the amount of $951,600 from the following sources:

General Obligation Bond – General Fund                              $   526,175

Engineering Fees Paid to Date                                                  175,140

Contributions from following funds:

TV Franchise                                                                   50,285

General Fund                                                                   50,000

Local Street Fund                                                            50,000

DDA Fund                                                                        50,000

Parking Fund                                                                   25,000

Water Fund                                                                      25,000

$   951,600

Yes:                 Megowen, Needham, Salo, Suits, Backon, Cole, Irizarry

No:                  None

Absent:            None

Adopted at a Regular Meeting of the Houghton City Council held on the 13th day of January, 2021.

Below are two renderings of the proposed project:

PIER Rendering

PIER Aerial Rendering

Construction Jobs