City of Houghton Paving Projects 2021

Paving within the City of Houghton

UPDATE: This project will be completed by the end of September as Bacco Construction finishes paving the remaining streets.

The City of Houghton Paving Project will begin Wednesday, August 11th.  Bacco Construction will begin milling and grading prior to the paving.  Please see the list of affected streets/areas below.  There will be no distinct schedule to this project other than paving will begin in approximately 3 weeks’ time.  Access to driveways will be temporarily limited as Bacco works in front of particular homes.  This should not last longer than 30 minutes per driveway.  Please call 906-482-1119 with further questions.

– Sherwood Drive (Spruce to Middle Point)

– W Lakeshore Drive (M26 to Lakeshore Circle)

– 6th Street (M26 to South, Edwards to Calverley)

– 4th Street (Baraga to Jacker)

– W Jacker Avenue (Military to 2nd)

– 1st Street

– Powerhouse Drive

– Pewabic Street (South Ave to 7th)

– 7th Avenue (Dodge to Portage)

– 8th Avenue (Copper to 1201)

– 7th Avenue (Garnet to MacInnes)

– Alley between Clark Street & Hubbell Street

– Sandpiper Drive (both entrances from US 41 to running trail crossing)

– Sharon Avenue (Razorback to Madeline)


aerial view of the city of Houghton and lift bridge