Spring Clean Up and Yard Disposal




The City of Houghton allows residents of the City to drop off their yard debris (leaves, small branches and yard clippings) at our Public Works Garage on the corner of Technical Avenue and Gundlach Road from April 24th  to November (weather permitting) on the East side of our Salt Storage Building.  The yard debris is separated into two areas; one for leaves and yard clippings, the other for small branches and tree trimming waste.  Please follow the signs.


The City allows residents of the City to drop off some items at our Public Works Garage on the corner of Technical Avenue and Gundlach Road for a specific period of time,

This year the dates are:         

Friday, April 24th to Sunday, June 7th

There are dumpsters set up seven days a week between these dates.

Accepted:         Wood (under four feet) Brick

Metal that can be placed in a specially labeled dumpster

Not Accepted:  furniture, clothes, tires, cardboard, paint and empty paint cans, household garbage, or lightbulbs.


The City public works crew will clean up sand piles placed on the side of the road that can be collected by the sweeper.  We can only pick up sand, no yard debris.  When residents place their sand piles, we ask that you place them on the side of the road and do not block travel lanes.  If you live on a hill and can place the sand pile on the cross street, we would appreciate you doing so to avoid sand piles on hills as much as possible.  The sweeper will collect the sand piles up until Friday, May 29th only.



If you are a senior citizen (65 years and older) or handicap individual living in a single-family home in the City and unable to deliver your items to the garage, our public works crew will collect your yard debris (all branches must be under 4 feet long) and items accepted in our drop-off dumpsters from your home on specific collection dates. The items for collection must be kept on your own property and are limited to the items listed above.  Please call the City office (482-1700) and ask to be put on the list for one of the dates.

Spring Collection dates:May 15th, May 22nd and June 5th


aerial view of the city of Houghton and lift bridge