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City Utilities

Water, sewer, and landfill (trash) are billed monthly by the City of Houghton to each residence.


Water meters are read every month. The charge for water is $4.36 per 100 cubic feet.

Director of Public Works

Ryan Avendt, 906-482-1119 (email: ryan.avendt@cityofhoughton.com)

Utility Billing Questions

Cleo Ruonavaara, 906-483-4643 (email: cleo@cityofhoughton.com)

2022 Consumer Confidence Report


Sewer is $6.83 per 100 cubic feet based upon water consumption. Lawn watering meters can be purchased at City Hall for $125. Sewer charges are then credited for water that does not enter the sanitary sewer system.

Automatic City Utility Payment Form

Pay your utility bills automatically on the due date by ACH. Print out the form and fill it out and send it to the City of Houghton, PO Box 606, Houghton, MI 49931. The City will then automatically take the amount of your bill out of your checking account on the due date. You will still receive your postcard bill every month showing you the amount due and informing you that it will be automatically deducted. If you have any questions, please call 483-4643 and ask for Cleo.  ACH Form.

High Water Bill?

If you have a high water bill you may have a leak. Below is a link to instructions on how to look for leaks in your home.

How to check for water leaks (PDF Format)

Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report

Consumer Confidence Report 2021 for year 2020

Policies Regarding Frozen Water Pipes, Seasonal Let-Runs, and Catastrophic Water Bills

Resolution 2014-1508 (PDF Format)

Other Utility Providers

City of Houghton Public Works

Natural Gas:
SEMCO Energy

Upper Peninsula Power Company

Telephone and Internet:

All AT&T Services (link)

Landing Page

Cable Television, Telephone and Internet Service:
Spectrum (Charter) Communications

Trash Collection & Recycling

The City of Houghton has change its trash and recyclables collection to the use of carts.  Waste Management collects the trash in the cart once a week and the recyclables every other week on the regular trash collection day of the week. The carts need to be put out for collection prior to 7:00 a.m. on collection day.  

Frequently Asked Questions

If Waste Management misses your trash and recyclables, you can put them out again the next week or you can take them to Waste Management at their office on Enterprise Drive.

Waste Management honors the following holidays. Your trash pick-up will be delayed one day later after the following holidays for the week of the holiday:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Please note that this also includes holidays that may not fall on your regular trash day as the holiday does throw the schedule off for the rest of the week. For example; if the holiday falls on a Wednesday, the trash picked up on Tuesday is not affected, but the Thursday trash day will be picked up on Friday.

If the holiday falls on the weekend, there is no disruption in service.

 2024 Trash Schedule

2024 Recycling Schedule


Trash must be placed in the designated trash cart provided by Waste Management.  The lid on the cart must be closed.  No trash will be collected outside the cart.


Acceptable recyclables must be clean and placed in the recyclables cart.  The lid must be closed.  No recyclables outside of the cart will be collected.  

Please read the  pdf list below of what can and cannot go into the recycle bin and how to prepare your recycling materials.

A lot of things not accepted curbside can be recycled elsewhere. The link below will bring you to the Copper Country Recycle/Reuse website for other information.

Resource Links

List of acceptable Recycling Items

Copper Country Recycling Initiative

Waste Free Edmonton’s15 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Garbage Bin.” https://wastefree.ca/2021/08/01/15-ways-to-repurpose-your-old-garbage-bin/

How to pull garbage cans down your long driveway

Mattress Disposal

Questions can be directed to the City of Houghton at 906-482-1700 or Waste Management at 800-963-4776 or www.wmsolutions.com/locations

aerial view of the city of Houghton and lift bridge