Water/Sewer Project Summer 2020

The City of Houghton’s next phase of water and sewer improvements is scheduled to start around July 20, 2020. Danielson Contracting of Baraga and a host of subcontractors will be performing the work, which includes some more traditional removal and replacement of old water and sewer pipes, but this project also will be doing cast-in-place pipe (CIPP) sewer lining which places a new liner inside of old pipes to stop leaks; and directional boring, where a horizontal hole is drilled and a new pipe is pulled through it, creating a lot less disturbance on the surface. There will also be electronics upgrades at the water plant and booster stations to maintain the reliability of the controls that operate the system.

This project does not involve as much work where the entire street is dug up (like a few years back) and much of the repair work is in targeted places – or involves work that doesn’t require digging at all.

The map illustrates where construction operations will take place in the near term between July 20 and August 28. Work types indicated are described as follows:

  • Point Repairs and Manhole Replacements: Prior to the lining of the existing sewers, point repairs must be performed which involve replacing shorter sections of damaged pipe by open cut excavation.
  • Water and Wastewater Replacement: this is the traditional open cut excavation to remove the existing pipes and install new pipes, which typically results in limited access within the primary construction area and periodic road closures. Customer service lines will also be replaced at these locations. Water and sewer service to residences will be maintained while the work progresses. Parking on those streets may be affected during the work. Please either talk to someone in the field once the work starts and they’ll work with you on parking, trash pickup, etc. or call the City Office and we’ll have them contact you.

The Construction Schedule Map will periodically be updated and new ones posted based on any schedule changes as construction progresses.

The map is available here: Water-Sewer Project Map